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If it doesn’t feel right . . . take a new action!

When I worked in downtown St. Louis almost 15 years ago, I parked in the same public garage for over 10 years. It was dark, cold, damp and downright spooky . . . and like most urban areas, downtown St. Louis did not have a stellar reputation for having a low crime rate.

We were all taught as kids, “Don’t talk to strangers!” If you have ever worked in a bustling urban downtown area, you’ll understand that a day does not go by without encountering what you might call a “stranger” — those who unfortunately live on the streets. As much as I tried to leave the office building with others at the same time, on occasion, I would find myself walking into the garage alone. There were certain rules we had been taught: don’t step into an elevator with a strange person, don’t start a conversation, and take the stairs or wait until someone else walks up and enter together. We were trained by our employers to maintain a “DISCONNECT” as a means of staying safe.

At one point, when I felt fearful, I decided to take a new action. If you are the least bit intuitive, you soon learn to read people’s energy and see them as simply another human being. I took a new action based upon love and empathy, and looked a stranger in the eye and spoke to them. The “fear energy” dissipated and put us on the same level — as equals on this planet. My willingness to “see” and speak to them, opened the door for mutual respect.
When it Doesn’t Feel Right
Having worked from my home office for the past 14-plus years, I’ve traded these fearful situations for the occasional awkward ones. What I do encounter these days, is the occasional DISCONNECT with a client — those who are not necessarily a good fit. Unfortunately, it’s taken me a while to learn to spot them. You see, I’d love to be able to help everyone who calls and asks us for help, but not every potential client who seeks us out is a good fit for us.
Our business mission is to help our clients create a “Happy, Healthy, Heart-filled Planet” and we LOVE helping them attract more clients and monetize their passion. Occasionally, a potential client is referred to us who is just not a good fit. Perhaps it comes in the form of disrespecting their employees, bad-mouthing their customers, or over-promising and under-delivering — all at the cost of integrity, authenticity and relationships. I recognize a DISCONNECT — just as I did with the strangers downtown. That’s not a good fit for us.
So, I’ve learned (again) to take a new action. I’ve gotten pickier about who we work with, and better at spotting those who are NOT a good fit. I find my own heart-center and surround that person in love and light. I wish them well on their journey and turn my focus back to welcoming those with whom I find a connection and who are on a similar journey.


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