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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy

At Davis Creative Publishing (DCP), we believe in maintaining the originality of all content developed by or for our authors. It is also important that we maintain an author’s “voice” as, ultimately, it reflects their own unique brand.

While we believe AI tools can be useful in researching and assisting with the creative process, they cannot replace the creativity and originality that comes from human authors. The U.S. Copyright Office also recognizes this principle and has made it clear that copyright protection only applies to material that is human-generated.

Both IngramSpark and Amazon/KDP have the resources and ability to detect AI-generated content. Therefore, authors risk your content being flagged by a bot and your Amazon/KDP account being terminated. AI-generated content is not permitted by Amazon's KDP Terms of Service. If they catch you, they will ban you.

Consistent with the U.S. Copyright Office policies, as well as IngramSpark and Amazon/KDP, all author-clients have a duty to disclose to DCPP the inclusion of AI-generated content in ALL work submitted for publishing and to highlight all copy that was generated by an AI service.

Whether submitting a single chapter for inclusion in an anthology or a full manuscript for your book, all content must be declared as ORIGINAL and created by a HUMAN (you and/or a paid human resource).

Our contracts include a line stating that all content submitted by the author is original. When signing our contract, you agree that if you used a resource such as ChatGPT (et al.) to research content you have rewritten those areas in your own words. It is the responsibility of the author to run their self-developed content through software that detects plagiarism and/or AI content, and to update/rewrite when detected, prior to submitting to DCPP.

  • If your SOLO-BOOK content is flagged by IngramSpark and/or Amazon/KDP, as containing plagiarized or AI content . . .
  • It is the responsibility of the author to correct this oversight. Requesting additional help/time from DCPP may incur additional charges.
  • If you are involved with an Amazon Bestseller Campaign, you may need to reschedule your campaign launch and if so, additional charges by both DCPP and the ABC vendor will be incurred.
  • If your content is a SINGLE CHAPTER in an anthology and your chapter is flagged by IngramSpark and/or Amazon/KDP, as containing plagiarized or AI content . . . your chapter will be pulled from the book, with no refunds.

Davis Creative Publishing remains dedicated to producing original content that adds significant value to our authors and their readers. As a team of professional communications consultants and marketing experts with decades of experience, we honor the trust our clients have given us to create content that is unique and stands out from the competition.

With your help, we will continue to deliver just that.

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