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In the world of Author-Assisted Publishing, you have three primary options for finishing your manuscript . . .

1.  DIY. You can choose to DO IT YOURSELF, writing your manuscript by yourself, hiring your own independent editor and proofreader . . . handing us your final ready-for-layout manuscript. We then move it through our design and layout process, getting your book all that much closer to being published.

2.  DIWY. If you decide to go the DO IT WITH YOU route, we’ll partner you with one of our professional Writing Coaches to help you through the writing process. Our Writing Coaches are part cheerleader, part writing coach, and part friendly personal “nudge,” keeping you on-track and focused on completing your manuscript. No matter where you are in the writing process — whether you’re simply at the idea or outline stage, OR perhaps have a “brain dump” on paper, OR maybe have a partially-written manuscript in-hand — we help you finish your manuscript with guidance and suggestions to make your book an easier read and much more marketable. We then assign one of our team editors and a proofreader to finalize all the details before it goes to our award-winning book design team.

3.  DIFY. The DO IT FOR YOU publishing route is ideal for wanna-be-authors who need their time for something else. We WRITE THE BOOK FOR YOU, in YOUR VOICE, scheduling periodic one-on-one interviews with you to access the info from your brain, incorporating it into a manuscript form. We take care of every step along the way, coming to you with options and questions so you can still stay involved . . . we just happen to be doing all the work for you while you take care of business . . . and your personal life.

No matter where you are on the publishing path, we help you navigate the world of publishing and become a published author with global distribution. Add in an Amazon Bestseller Campaign, and see how fast you become visible, credible, and unforgettable!

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