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Be the “Nudge” . . . Not the “Judge”

Now is the time, more than ever to let your light shine. Don’t hold back. Step up, step out and be the light.

My entire life, I’ve been told, “You are SO creative!”

Which, as a high-schooler, soon led to me hiding my creativity, thinking I was “weird.” People (adults and other students) would ask, “Where do you get these ideas?” But, because it was so much a part of my DNA (and my age), I could not explain where it came from. It just “WAS!”

During my senior year of high school, just as I was starting to gain confidence, I had a new art teacher accuse me of letting someone else do one of my class projects. I was devastated. After running to the student counselor’s office in tears, I dropped out of his class and took a pass/fail grade rather than face his ineffectual abusive style of judgmental teaching ever again (apparently I’m still a bit “ticked” about the incident!). He tried to give me an “F” but the counselor intervened and I was able to get the grade changed to an “audited class” pass/fail. Me dropping the class was more about not feeling “heard” and encouraged, and less about being accused of falsifying a class project. I learned later that he got fired for having an affair with one of the students. THAT folks, is what I believe is called, “Karma.”


My high school counselor was always one of my cheerleaders.

She worked with me to find a college where I could thrive . . . she was my “Nudge.” She gave me the courage to believe I could thrive as a “creative” and learn to monetize my talents. I graduated 6 months early (December) from high school, and went directly to college. I finished that class project in college, my first semester (abstract sculpture, showing movement, out of wire and plaster), and received an “A!” THAT was the validation I needed!

Fast-forward 30-plus years, and I now find myself “coaching” clients, much like my high school counselor, and encouraging them to follow THEIR own passion. Many of our clients refer to me as their brand and/or publishing coach.

Actually, I see myself as the professional “Nudge.” I now use my creativity with a PURPOSE. I help YOU identify and monetize your passion. I offer validation that you are on the right track . . . and even help you find it. It’s what I LOVE doing.

Give me a call. It’s time to nudge a bit. It’s time to let YOUR creativity shine!

PS: THANK YOU to Gaping Void for the use of this image!

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