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As we usher in a month of winter celebrations, it gives us the opportunity to BELIEVE in that which makes us feel at peace with ourselves and with others. We surround ourselves with family and friends, building deeper connections as we “commune” and expand our community. When we make time to focus on that which brings us together, we release our differences, or that which separates us.

“Responsibility does not only lie with the leaders of our countries or with those who have been appointed or elected to do a particular job. It lies with each of us individually. Peace, for example, starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighboring communities, and so on. When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. And there are ways in which we can consciously work to develop feelings of love and kindness. What is important is that we each make a sincere effort to take our responsibility for each other and for the natural environment we live in, seriously.” – The Dalai Lama, The Nobel Lecture, December 11, 1989

May this Holiday Season find you at PEACE with your world, and BELIEVING in Love and Kindness

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