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Creating MORE positive ripples.

My personal mission in life is to “create positive ripples”, and I’m always thrilled when I hear a story about how one of our designs or books has impacted people in positive way.

This past Saturday, I was giving a publishing workshop in STL, and I had my usual “free” items at the back of the room for those who wanted additional information. Included in the take-aways was a postcard printout of one of our UPSIdaisy.com designs . . .

During our mid-event break, one of the attendees approached me with one of these postcards, and shared the story of how he uses this card at work. As an Activities Director for a nursing home, he recently shared this card during a “poetry reading” exercise, assigning each font color to an attendee. They then took turns going around the circle, reading their “color” words out-loud. Many commented on the irony or appropriateness of the specific phrase they were asked to share. I LOVE IT!

 Are you ready to create positive ripples in YOUR life? 

If you are a “helper or healer”, a “mender or tender” . . . we can help. 

If you are a life-coach, mentor, therapist, physician, educator, speaker, or other professional service provider, we help you establish a brand, build a following and learn to monetize your passion.

Are you ready to ignite your brand? 

Our clients love what they do and have built successful brands around helping others. When you work with us to build your brand, we help you look good, get noticed (in a good way), and grow your business.

Contact Cathy about how to update your  VISUAL, VERBAL and VIRTUAL brand messaging.Are you ready to publish your book? 

If you are in the business of helping others, let us help YOU share YOUR story. There is SO much more to self-publishing a book than ink on paper! Our clients reach out to us when they are ready to minimize their investment, maximize their return, and avoid self-publishing pitfalls.

We help you complete your book at YOUR pace — no matter where you are in the writing process — and your book will rival those produced by traditional publishers.

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