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Here’s How You Should Look at the Taleist Self-Pub Survey

May 24th, 2012     |     Nate Hoffelder

“Authors who get help (paid or unpaid) with story editing, copy editing,  proofreading, and cover design  make 34% more than the average.”

Taleist released the results of a survey of self-pub authors today. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you probably haven’t heard the statistics. Good. That gives me a chance to explain my viewpoint. I read the results this morning, but it took me until this evening before I placed them into context.

“41% paid for a cover designer”

The thing is, no matter how little those authors made while self-publishing their ebooks, on average they are almost certainly better off than if they did not have the option of self-publishing. [Read more]

“29% paid for copy editing”

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