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Yep. It happened. Again.

Mercury was retrograde, PLUS the full moon . . . add in the “holidays” and several days of overcast skies, and my MOJO was drained.

It was time to inject a bit MORE JOY back into my daily routine.

Apparently, this is something I’ve been working on for several decades.

I found a photo, circa 1959, showing my 3-year-old self, planted sturdily on a cliff (albeit a short 3-foot drop), searching for something. I call it my “Pocahontas stand” (minus hands-on-hips). After all, I had on my cowgirl suede fringe coat and cowboy boots (hidden by the tall grass) . . . looking around for something . . . while my headscarf was “blowing in the wind.” More than likely, my older brother or sister (10 and 12 years my senior) planted me up there, and I was looking for a way to get down — a way to change my perspective — my POV (Point of View).

Over the years, I’ve developed specific routines for regaining my MOJO . . . my sense of self . . . my calm . . . my MORE JOY state of mind . . . 

  • Surround myself with a loving, caring, supportive community
  • Reach out to those I trust for conversation (and a glass of Champagne, as needed)
  • Activate my physical body with my “Wonder Woman Sparks Will Fly” exercise (contact me if you want to learn this negative-energy release exercise — IT WORKS!)
  • Set aside time each day for “quiet time” to let the crazy voices in my head subside
  • Go for a drive with the windows down to “blow out” the left-over crazy voices in my head
  • Listen to a motivational/inspirational audio (I have a short list – again, contact me if you are interested in knowing more)
  • Take a mid-day, no-noise, 10-minute “time out” on the sofa or in a big, cozy chair. Eyes closed, NO people, NO TV, NO computer, NADA. NUTTIN.

I don’t always notice right away when I’ve lost my MOJO.
The longer it takes me to notice, the longer it takes me to get “it” back. But when I DO finally stop long enough to regain a sense of MORE JOY, life seems to go so much more smoothly . . . I’m . . .

  • much more calm and relaxed
  • better able to support my clients
  • less stressed by business hiccups
  • more refreshed and “INNERgized”
  • more creative with ideas and solutions
  • more positive about opportunities and outcomes

So, the next time you’ve lost your MOJO . . . reach out . . . I’d be happy to meet you for that glass of Champagne and a friendly, co-supportive conversation!

May 2024 bring you the glorious blessings of MORE JOY!


3 thoughts on “FINDING YOUR MOJO”

  1. Mojo……more joy! Love it! I realized I was missing joy in my life and then the more I talk with people I realize lots of us are…..my words for this year are joyful adventures!

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