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Around 20 years ago, while navigating thru my “corporate” period, I found myself on a flight to somewhere, sitting next to a Disney Imagineer. What I remember most about the conversation is that, much like a 4-year-old, I asked a thousand questions about what his job was like.

I was enthralled with the concept of working for Disney, let alone getting to be called an “Imagineer!” That conversation was more than likely the “seed” which later motivated me to work for myself and leave the corporate world behind.

As I look back over 2019 and look forward to 2020, I’ve decided to claim this title of “Imagineer.” After all, an Imagineer . . .

  • Knows everything is possible
  • Finds ways to make things work
  • Uses the art of storytelling to make people happy
  • Adds music and play to brighten their days
  • Paints their world with rainbow colors
  • Turns dreams into reality
  • Follows their heart

I invite you to join me as an Imagineer of Life and let’s see what the next decade can bring!

A New Day. A New Year.
A New Way of Looking at Life!

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