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Let it begin with me!

As the 2023 ThanksGIVING Holiday quickly approaches, my wish for all is to have MORE JOY, HOPE, and PEACE in our lives. I know for sure that I can only control my own parcel of peace in the world, so my ThanksGIVING Pledge is to “let it begin with me!”

In times of chaos and confusion, our first reaction is often to step back — to retract. As humans, we are often not sure WHAT to do, so we do nothing . . . and nothing changes. I’ve learned over the years that even when I have no clue what to do, DO SOMETHING — TAKE ACTION.


It has been said that what appears in the Macro (the world) can be shaped by the actions in the Micro (tiny me) . . . more commonly known as “We get what we give” . . .

It’s TIME for GIVING . . .

  • Worried about world events? Check on your neighbors or distant relatives.
  • Checking account is lower than you like? Pay your tiniest bill or make a small donation.
  • Is business slowing down? Donate some of your time/talent to a non-profit or mentor a student.
  • Getting more stalls and objections than contracts? Create a contract with yourself to remain in action and keep giving.
  • Feeling like no one is listening to your message? NOW is the time to let your voice be heard.

As a transformational speaker, trainer, coach, or consultant — the world is waiting to hear your voice, message, and inspiration. NOW is the time to be part of the solution. NOW is the time to GIVE.

So, in the spirit of ThanksGIVING, allow me to share several FREE options and low price-point programs to help you find your voice, share your story, and make a difference in this world:

  1. FREE 45-minute Maximum Impact Conversation. Connect to Cathy’s calendar HERE to schedule a time to talk and ask questions about self-publishing. Whatever is on your mind; you do not need to be an existing client.
  2. FREE Inspiring Authors Lunch & Learn: Have lunch at your desk (or in your recliner) on December 14th, 11:30 am. We’ll be interviewing writer/screenwriter/writing coach Lisa McFadden. Join us via ZOOM as I interview authors and industry experts on ways to help monetize your book. Register HERE. We’ll return to the twice-monthly interviews on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in January 2024.
  3. Thinking about joining a Writing Group? Join one of our Write Time private writing groups. Our Summer and Fall 2023 groups are in full swing, and enrollment is NOW OPEN for our first-quarter 2024 group in January. You’ll find more info and the Registration Info HERE.
  4. Ready to tip-toe into the world of publishing? Write a single chapter or sponsor your own anthology and share the cost of publishing through the power of collaboration with other authors. Contact Cathy for more info.
  5. Consider smaller books, such as our DynaMighty Mini Books. They are cheaper, take less time to develop, and are a tremendous mini billboard for attracting interest in your business.
  6. Payment plans, mini deposits, installment plans, and potential barter arrangements. Email Cathy for more info.

What is your ThanksGIVING Pledge?

The hottest-selling books right now are books that offer HOPE.

What HOPE can you GIVE to the world?

Now is the time to take action and create positive ripples in the world. Share your mission and vision with and spread MORE JOY and PEACE.

Our community of Inspiring Authors is part of our family. Many come back over time and publish several books with us. As your publishing partner, we’d love to welcome you into our community of Inspiring Authors. Our job is to make the process easier and less stressful for you. We take the mystery out of self-publishing, help you avoid the pitfalls, and guarantee your book will rival any other on the shelf with the professional impact of a traditionally published book.

Let’s inspire the world, share hope, and make positive ripples!

Have questions?
Reach out. 


1 thought on “Let it begin with me!”

  1. Jack / Cathy, that was one of your best emails yet. We all need to be more charitable, more thoughtful and more thankful. Definitely a time for peace! Wishing you and your family a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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