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Positives always eliminate the negatives.

One mathematical “rule” I remember from grade school is, “positives always eliminate the negatives”. Although most of my family would pretty much confirm I’m not much of a mathematician, I do find this “rule” fascinating, as it rings true in all aspects of life – even for those of us known as “right-brain creatives”.

When life gets crazy – whether in our own lives or around the world – we sometimes find ourselves dropping into fear in reaction to happenings over which we have no control. Yet, if I follow the rule of “positives always eliminate the negatives”. . . I CAN control my little corner of the universe by . . .

  • choosing love and kindness instead of fear and hatred
  • redirecting my personal energy – into making positive choices in support of a loving community
  • associating with other like-minded people who are also working to make a positive impact

Many of our clients are already doing this – making a positive impact on their world. As small business owners, many are service professionals intent on creating a “happy, healthy, heart-filled planet” – be it the physical-, mental-, financial- or spiritual-health of people, businesses and/or communities. So how do we stay focused on the business of helping others and maintain a positive mindset in the midst of chaos and confusion?

R.E.A.C.H. Out

  • R = REVIEW and REALIGN your personal mission, your business vision and your brand messaging. Create positive RELATIONSHIPS by starting positive RIPPLES.
  • E = EXPRESS the REAL you. Be willing to take a positive stand; share your positive ENERGY. It’s important to let people know what you stand for as well as what you WON’T stand for.
  • A = ACT in ways to make your SELF (and your Mama) proud. Make someone’s day, be a drive-through ANGEL and buy that coffee for the person behind you. Be willing to take positive ACTION.
  • C = COMMUNICATE your brand message with a positive voice. CONNECT with positive people. CREATE the world you want to leave to your CHILDREN and grandchildren.
  • H = HELP with HEART. Extend a HELPING HAND (or voice, or afternoon) when needed. Speak Up, Step Up, Stand Up for those being victimized by louder, more negative, fear-based voices. Listen with your HEART and let love be your compass.

Because, when it comes down to it . . . the “positives ALWAYS eliminate the negatives”. I hear it’s a rule.

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