Power-Up Sponsor Benefits

As the Power Up Anthology Program Sponsor, you determine the details and logistics of YOUR book.


  • Develop the Anthology Program as an additional stream of income for your business, with your financial investment PAID BY THE AUTHORS
  • Invite your hand-selected authors to submit one chapter in your published anthology
  • Provide access for each author to work with one of our Creative Writing Coaches, assigned exclusively to your project
  • Designate your own price points for author participation or build the anthology into one of your existing program offerings, as an incentive
  • Develop greater visibility for your business and solidify your professional image in the entrepreneurial community
  • Inspire and motivate women and minority-owned businesses with your sponsorship, helping them to expand their brand and grow their business
  • Boost EVERYONE'S confidence, credibility, and connections when you become an Amazon Bestselling Author

As the Program Sponsor, you receive benefits valued over $40,000 . . .

Professional Publishing Mentorship: Ongoing hand-holding and conversations with our team of Professional Publishing Partners, throughout the completion and publishing of your book.

  • Receive step-by-step Concierge Publishing Process guidance and mentoring, setting you up as an Independent Publisher
  • Gain the exclusive right to develop the theme, title, and sub-title of your book
  • Customize your program details, features, and benefits under the tutelage of Davis Creative Publishing Partners
  • Brainstorm and collaborate on marketing ideas to help promote the Anthology with the “Top 100+ Book Marketing Ideas” (pre-launch, launch, and post-launch).
  • Learn to buy your books at cost and sell copies to your participating authors at "author pricing" for an additional stream of income

Professional Content Coaching: There is so much more to writing than merely putting two sentences together. Our Professional Content Team has helped over 700 authors complete their chapters and books in a manner that highlights the individual author's voice and helps them get their message across.

  • Creative Writing Coaches: No matter where the author is in their writing process — from idea, to outline, to draft chapter — each author receives up to 2 hours with one of our Professional Creative Writing Coaches. The cost of this service is included in our fee. Additional time needed beyond two hours is billed at $100/hour directly to each author.
  • Professional Editorial Proofreaders: Each chapter will have a final read by our Professional Editorial Proofreader. This ensures a professional, cohesive "flow" to the entire book. The cost of this service is included in our fee. Additional time, beyond one hour of the proofreader's time, is billed at $100/hour directly to each author. We use the Chicago Manual of Style.

Professional Book Designers: Our professional book designers have decades of experience in graphic design and book design and develop books that rival those produced by any of the top 5 traditional publishers. These talented professionals guide and involve you, the sponsor, throughout the process. Our professional book designers . . .

  • Design a pre-event book cover to use in soliciting authors to join you in this amazing marketing program
  • Work with you, in your best interest, to incorporate your ideas and requests while developing your custom cover and interiors
  • Evaluate and give feedback on design and layout conventions to maintain traditional publishing standards
  • Coordinate a seamless eBook conversion
  • Incorporates each author's edits and changes (each author receives two rounds of revisions - up to 2 hours total)
  • Consults with Sponsor on final edits and revisions (sponsor receives three rounds of sponsor revisions - up to 3 hours total)

Concierge Preferred-Vendor Online Account Set-up: We establish you, the Anthology Sponsor, as an independent publisher, allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties, copyright, and profits. This program includes . . .

  • Attorney-written contract to use in collaboration with you with your authors
  • Publishing Q&A and pre-project mentoring of best-practice decisions
  • Discussion regarding the naming and business set-up of your independent publishing company
  • ISBN account set-up and purchase of ISBNs under the established publishing company
  • Library-approved and retail-preferred copyright page
  • Account set-up with our preferred vendors, covering more than 40,000 additional global distribution resources, including Amazon/KDP
  • Personalized timeline and budget oversight based on the team selected and coordinate the team process
  • Discussion of strategic pricing of the paperback, hardback, eBook versions
  • Copyright process; Anthology sponsor retains the copyright of their anthology, including their own chapter/intro/foreword (individual authors retain the copyright to their chapters). We submit your copyright for you.
  • Training on how to order your books at cost and resell to your authors

Professionally-Produced Global Amazon Bestseller Campaign: We establish you, the Anthology Sponsor, as an independent publisher, allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties, copyright, and profits. This program includes . . .

  • Coordination and Integration of the Amazon Bestseller Campaign (ABC)
  • Development and sharing of the custom, personalized social media talking points and graphics for all participating authors
  • Your choice of Standard, Gold, or Platinum levels of participation (see PRICING page)
  • Your Book will launch and is guaranteed to become an Amazon Best Seller!

Plus, Sponsors keep 100% royalties on all future book sales!


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