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Today I was asked if someone could “rent” my brain for an hour to learn more about the current self-publishing industry.

Most certainly! You betcha.

In today’s world of constantly-changing technology, it is hard to keep up with what works and doesn’t work. Confusion reigns supreme, so as a last resort, a lot of people select the “quicker, faster, cheaper” route — and even more people are willing to BE the “quickest, fastest, cheapest” provider, just to get your hard-earned dollars. No wonder everyone is confused.

“Quick, fast and cheap” is not always the best choice. Just in the last month alone, we have . . .

  • redrawn a logo someone purchased from an online freelancer site (rhymes with yellow) so it could now be used on a banner
  • talked at least two authors through the disappointment of realizing when someone says they want to “publish” your book, it may not be a “real” publisher
  • walked a client through the negotiation of the release of her logo “source files” which were being held hostage . . . which she paid for in-full, months ago
  • finally convinced an author it not only was in his best interest, but would actually be cheaper, to have his book read by a professional editor, versus their neighbor’s aunt who, I’m sure, happens to be a wonderful English teacher

People. Stop it. If you want it done right, stop cutting corners. Budgets are a great tool, but fly out the window when you have to hire a professional to re-do what you have already paid for once.

Slow down. Ask questions. If you do not know what questions to ask, look it up on Google or CALL ME. We not only help you Look Good and Get Noticed . . . we can help you stay on budget and do it right . . . the first time.



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