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Show Me the Money!

Although most authors don’t ask quite so bluntly, they ALL want to know how to recoup their initial investment when hiring someone to help them publish their book.

I have the exact same conversation with each author:

“It’s not about how well your book sells . . .
It’s ALL about how well your book sells YOU!”

Imagine your newly-published book in your hands. Fresh off the press, the aroma of fresh ink and newly-printed paper wafts through the room.

Now What?

Just because you “build it,” there is no guarantee “they will come.” Yes, your book will be available via Amazon.com and wherever books are sold . . . BUT . . .

  • Are you willing to step out into the public eye and speak?
  • What programs are you willing to develop around your book to help grow your business?
  • Can you identify potential collaborative businesses with whom you can partner and build programs which will help promote your services?

Your book is merely a high-end branding tool to market your business. Please don’t see it as the solution to your retirement plan.

If you are ready to learn more about how a book can highlight you and your business, give me a call, 888-598-0886.

We help you minimize your investment . . . AND maximize your impact . . . AND we hold your hand throughout the process (figuratively, unless you really want us to hold your hand).

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