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The Balmy Elephant

A few years ago, a long-time client introduced me at a business event as (what I thought I heard her say) a “Balmy Elephant”. As my brain went into a double-take, I hear her explaining to the others how I have a calming effect and help her find her focus and direction. Refocusing my thoughts and catching up with the conversation, I realize she has just introduced me as a “calming element”!

As one who has always been drawn to warm climates (AKA: beaches), I rather like the “Balmy Elephant” title. Elephants are seen as a symbol of power, dignity, intelligence and peace.  They are also known to symbolize wisdom, loyalty, strength, fidelity and longevity. I’ll take that!

I treasure my “Balmy Elephant” introduction to this day, and although I may not always feel “calm, cool, collected,” I DO try to help our clients sort through the chaos and confusion of developing their succinct brand message.

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