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There is SO much more to publishing a book than writing it.

Writing a non-fiction book does not mean people will automatically buy it. WRITING your book is NOT the first place to start the publishing process. You can’t just “build it and they will come”. . . that only happens in the movies.

Before you even pick up a pencil or open a WORD doc to start typing, you want to identify your three-legged stool, which contains these 3 crucial elements:

CONSIDER YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Know who you are writing your book FOR . . . create an imaginary avatar to constantly refer back to. Include typical age, gender, nationality, likes/dislikes, and habit patterns.

REVEAL THEIR N.O.W.TM FACTOR: N.O.W. is the acronym for NIGHT OWL WORRIES. What do they wake up in the middle of the night worried about?

IDENTIFY THEIR RELIEF/SOLUTIONS: What solutions do you offer which brings them the relief they are needing? Why do they need YOUR book vs. another one on the same shelf? What do you bring to the table that ONLY YOU can offer?

By establishing a sturdy foundation for your book, you create a well-received subliminal “flow” to which the reader can relate. Building your book outline upon this foundation gives your brand the credibility and expert status you deserve.

For additional information about our Author Brand Connection publishing services and programs, contact Cathy HERE.

And remember . . .

“It’s not how well your book sells . . .
it’s all about how well your book sells YOU!”

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