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What On Earth Are You Doing?

It was a simple question coming out of the mouth of a very frustrated Mom as she watched her 4-year-old hop-and-skip-and-dance around the other shoppers waiting in line to check out. Mom wanted her to settle down and behave . . . you know . . . “get in line” . . . look “well-trained.”

What the Mom missed seeing was the look of joy and delight on the faces of the rest of us waiting in line. We saw a lovely child learning to express herself, in full-out JOY. We were being entertained by a joyful expression of life. We were being reminded to take a pause and JUST HAVE SOME FUN. I did not see one face appear bothered by the dancing (other than the Mom).

The scenario could just have easily gone in the opposite direction with a screaming child, expressing full-out frustration, throwing a complete melt-down fit. Anyone who is a parent knows THAT routine.

SO . . . it got me to thinking . . . What on Earth AM I Doing?

Or perhaps I could be asking, “What on Earth am I BEING?”

How am I expressing my time here on Earth?

Am I having more JOYFUL or more MELT-DOWN moments?

Am I sharing JOY or FRUSTRATION?

I have to admit, I spend a lot of time working. Although I love what I do, and I love helping others find ways to express THEIR joy, I could probably use a few more checkmarks in my FUN column. Standing in line that day, I was reminded to go have some fun.

SO . . . What on Earth Are You doing?

How do YOU express and share your joy, your passion?

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