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Branding, for a non-fiction author, is imperative. It is ALL ABOUT how you present your books and yourself as a writer, to the public. It’s what people think and believe about you. It’s what you stand for . . . as well as what you WON’T STAND for. It’s also all about building a tribe of people who think and feel the same way and want MORE of what you offer.

Why do I need a memorable Author Brand?


“A brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” — Jeff Bezos

If you are an independent or self-published author, YOU are in charge of your marketing and your reputation. Quite often this can lead to a traditional publisher finding you and making you an offer. We’ve seen it happen with one of our clients!

What three words do you use the most when describing what you do? These words quite often can become the foundation of your brand and will help attract people who want to hear MORE about what you have to say.


Branding is necessary if you’re serious about selling books. Even if you aren’t intentionally creating a “brand,” everything you say and do will leave a lasting impression with your current and prospective audience. It’s always better to take charge of your brand message up-front, vs. waiting until something negative happens and end up being in charge of cleaning up a bad situation.

Your professional brand will help you . . .

  • craft an identity that accurately represents who you are
  • be relatable to your audience and “accessible”
  • cultivate name recognition
  • strengthen your message and establish you within your area of expertise

How do I achieve a memorable Author Brand?

Start with knowing WHO you are and WHY you do what you do. Step up, speak up and be willing to stand out.

  • WHAT is your topic of expertise?
  • WHO are you and what makes you the expert in your field?
  • WHY do you write about your topic?
  • WHY should your reader want to know more?
  • WHAT solutions do you offer your reader?

Optimize your potential for Author Brand success with a succinct Visual, Verbal and Virtual brand identity.

  • Attract, retain and solidify your customer base
  • Create a distinct identity and market position
  • Project a professional, innovative image
  • Develop greater visibility for your business

Our clients love what they do and have built successful brands around helping others. If you are ready to take the next step in building your Author Brand Connection, give us a call, 888-598-0886.


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