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Your Golden Thread

If you are one of our clients, or have heard me speak, you’ve heard me talk about the Golden Thread. The ONE thing that matters most . . . your “WHY-you-do-what-you-do”. . . your reason for waking up in the morning with eagerness to help your tribe.
Simply stated, your brand is a woven tapestry and your Golden Thread is the one common denominator running throughout, creating a consistent, intentional brand message . . . it holds your brand together.
Take the DOVE Campaign for Real Beauty. 
GOLDEN THREAD: no matter your physical size, shape, ethnicity, etc., let your real beauty shine through. Dove believes their conversation “leads to brand love, and brand love leads to brand loyalty.”
 . . . and the Pillsbury Doughboy.
GOLDEN THREAD: Bringing families together. Since 1965, Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy (his full name) has become a global icon whose smile and cheery disposition transcend language and cultural barriers everywhere. Everyone wants to have dinner with the Doughboy (yes, his last name IS one word — I checked).
Then there’s OPRAH.
GOLDEN THREAD: Passion & Purpose. For Winfrey, being a brand is about being true to your intentions as well as being consistent in messaging. “Your true work on earth is what you’ve been called to do in some way or another,” said Winfrey. “Your fullest, highest expression comes, obviously, when you do what you love. Your business is an energetic force in the world.”
What is YOUR Golden Thread? What is your passion . . . your purpose . . . your intention? What do you do bigger, better, faster, smarter than anyone else?
If you’d like some help finding your Golden Thread . . . give me a call. I love helping people Acknowledge Their Passion, Align Their Purpose, and Attract More Profits.

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