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7-PLUS Ways to Celebrate Your New Book!

One of the questions I get asked by EVERY author is, “How do I launch my book?”  

No two authors (let alone no two books) are ever alike, but the one thing they always have in common is the excitement around FINALLY publishing their book. It’s human nature to want to share the excitement with family, friends, followers, and potential new readers!

Start sharing the excitement around your book long before your book is available on Amazon.com or
in bookstores . . .

  1. Take to social media and share the latest happenings at least once a week . . . “Today, I met with my editor and we . . .” “Next week I’ll be receiving my Foreword from . . .”
  2. Use the 3-D and flat images you received from your book designer to build excitement about your book through your e-news and social media.
  3. Add your 3-D image to the back of your business card as a conversation starter.
  4. You can also ask your designer to make you a NEW business card in the shape of a bookmark and start handing those out at networking events.
  5. Have a 3” button made of your new book cover and wear it to networking events.
  6. Share the endorsements (via social media) you’ll be using on your cover and/or inside your book and cross-promote the people who are endorsing you.
  7. Set a date for your local book launch and start mapping out the details of the event.
    • Draft your invitation list and determine how many books you need to have pre-printed.
    • Will you have both paperback and hardback books available?
    • Where will you have your launch party?
    • What will be your menu?
    • How much will you charge for admission to your launch party/networking event?
    • Designate a nonprofit for the proceeds.
    • Send private (or not-so-private) invitations to your guest list.
    • Designate an RSVP date so you know your headcount.
    • Pre-sign all pre-purchased books and wrap with a ribbon and name tag for the recipient.
    • Have a few extra books on hand for people to buy (just in case).
    • Mingle with your guests and let someone else handout all the books while a second person monitors the food and beverage table.
    • ENJOY THE CELEBRATION of your amazing accomplishment!

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