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Prior to starting Davis Creative in January of 2004, I worked in corporate financial marketing for over a decade. There is not much I miss from that world . . . especially not the PUFFINS. If you have worked in corporate America, you know what I am referring to. Corporate PUFFINS have similar characteristics as the bird itself.

You see, the Puffin bird is known as the “clown of the sea” because of its colorful and comical appearance. It likes to strut about and “puff out” it’s chest in order to impress and intimidate the other birds. Although it is agile in the water and an excellent diver and swimmer, it is not as graceful in the air . . . often crashing and tumbling as it tries to land.

Now, please don’t get me wrong . . . I’m not here to bash corporate executives. I have many good friends still gainfully employed in the corporate arena. But, “back in the day”, there were a few corporate PUFFINS who DID strut about and try to intimidate others. NO one liked working with them, and they made everyone’s work-life miserable.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the corporate PUFFINS, you have what I call the “PUFF IN THE WIND”.

The PUFF IN THE WIND is quite lovely to work with and it has been our goal, since starting Davis Creative, to attract the PUFF IN THE WIND peeps . . . especially as clients, team members, and vendors. The PUFF IN THE WIND personality is a gentle GIVER . . . they are here to share their knowledge, expertise, and gifts with the world.

How do you spot a PUFF IN THE WIND?

Much like the Dandelion, they have several characteristics to watch for . . .

  • They plant seeds — they love sharing their wisdom with the slightest breeze
  • They grow and multiply — they create positive ripples throughout the community
  • They have deep roots — with strength and tenacity they are eager to spread their message in every continent on the globe

It’s their nature to nurture. The PUFF IN THE WIND sees value in giving, much like when a child harvests the Dandelion blossoms as their first “gift” bouquet.

So, if you see yourself as a PUFF IN THE WIND, and are looking to join a community of givers, give me a call . . . 888-598-0886.



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