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Staying Current. Going with the Current. Current Events. Current Status.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may recall the discussion regarding the 3 C’s of Branding:

  • Credibility
  • Connections
  • Consistency

I’m now adding a 4th “C”: CURRENCY. Not necessarily in the traditional sense of CASH — but rather in the sense of Brand Currency, AKA: Brand Current-cy . . .

Heinz Mustard?

Everyone knows Heinz Ketchup.  But Heinz brand aficionados can also stock up on Heinz Mustard — a direct response to consumer feedback to develop product options for sandwich lovers. Heinz stayed CURRENT with consumer demand.

If your Brand defines who you are and how you and your business is perceived, how CURRENT is your Brand?

  • How current is your logo, tag line and overall messaging?
  • Is your current message aligned with current media?
  • Are you current with your commitments — personal AND financial?
  • Are you current in returning phone calls and following up with emails?
  • How current is that list (or stack) of TO-DO’s?
  • Are you currently addressing the needs of your consumer based upon their needs TODAY (vs. when you started your business 5 or 10 years ago)?

It doesn’t matter whether you offer consumer products or professional services, paying attention to your Brand Currency (and Current-cy) has a direct correlation to the flow of currency in your life. 

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