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Some believe the word ‘concierge’ evolves from the French ‘comte des cierges’, which means ‘the keeper of the candles’, which was essentially the main duty of a concierge during the Middle Ages.

Need to shed some light on the path to the stables?
Summon your concierge for those back-up candles!

Fast-forward about 500-plus years, and today’s, ‘concierge’ has evolved into a business model for just about any service you can imagine: from hotels, travel, and banking to healthcare, personal assistance, and . . . yes, even publishing.

Rachel was a successful business owner, mother of twin teens, and volunteered as a board member for a non-profit in her community. Her calendar was already filled with plenty of TO-DOs, having no time available to finish writing the book she desperately wanted to complete. As an expert in family dynamics, she knew having a book in her proverbial toolbox would add credibility and help open doors for additional engagements as a speaker and trainer.

Rachel was referred to us by another of our author-clients and hired us to help her finish her book . . .

  • We paired her with one of our professional writing coaches who helped Rachel organize her thoughts, create an outline for her book, and as her accountability partner, delegated easy-to-handle homework assignments in small ‘bites’.
  • We maximized the return on Rachel’s time- and financial-investment by setting up all her vendor accounts for her while overseeing the editing, design, printing, publishing, and marketing . . . enabling her to keep 100% of her royalty, copyright, and profits.
  • We minimized her stress by handling the details, allowing her to relax, reassuring she was in highly-experienced hands . . . helping her publish her book in less than 7 months!

Working with a team of publishing professionals expedited the fruition of Rachel’s book. Having a high-quality published book in-hand allowed Rachel to book more paid speaking engagements, sell more books at the back of the room, and quickly recoup her publishing investment.

Need to shed some light on the best Publishing Path for YOU? 
Ask about our Concierge Publishing Services and
 how we can help you finish your book!

No matter where you are along the publishing path . . . from concept to completed book-in-hand . . .  our concierge publishing services help you find your way.

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Let us help you find your voice, write your story and monetize your passion!


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