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The Science of Music and the Music of Science: How Music Reveals Our Brain, Our Humanity, and the Cosmos

Science and music—scientists and musicians—are inseparable and symbiotic. For over 2,500 years, music has inspired scientific investigation and progress. In return, science has provided musicians with untold numbers of valuable insights into their art and craft, as well as many powerful technologies.

The last 25 years have witnessed an even more intimate connection. Neuroscience now possesses new tools to image living human brains in real time as our brains engage in specific tasks. In using these powerful tools, neuroscientists have discovered that nothing demands more of human cognitive abilities than music-making and consequently, neuroscience now relies frequently upon music as an amazingly effective research probe.
During this same period of time, physicists and mathematicians have investigated the fundamental nature of reality, discovering the musical nature of the Cosmos itself. Quite remarkably, the equations and concepts of music theory are similar to the concepts used for our best ideas about Nature.

This book describes these scientific advances accessibly and without jargon, but entertainingly and accurately. It provides the reader with an easy and graceful insight into basic music theory, the biology of the brain, the use of music as brain therapy, the psychology of music, the tools of the composer, the importance of music education for our children, and finally the story of our search for the fundamental nature of reality itself–leading ultimately to a better understanding of our humanity. It is written for anyone interested in music, science, the well-being of our children, and the best aspects of our humanity as we live in this magnificent Cosmos.

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