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My Favorite Items on the Menu: Know, Like, Trust

Our favorite family-owned Mexican restaurant is right around the corner, about a mile away. We were there for their opening, and 10+ years later, we keep going back.

We like to “shop local” and when I find a favorite menu item at a local restaurant, I’m known to order the same thing each time I visit. Occasionally, I’ll stretch my comfort zone and try something new . . . which may get added to my “favorites” list, OR, I’ll try to remember not to order THAT again.

I’m much more apt to try something new at restaurant I frequent, vs. trying a new restaurant. I probably have 3-4 favorite menu items, which I rotate through depending upon my hunger scale. They remember we prefer a booth, and if our favorite booth is open, they take us right to it. We KNOW the owners by name and a few of the wait staff even have our drink and appetizer order memorized. We LIKE checking in with the staff we’ve known for years, and hearing about their kids, classes at the local colleges, and vacations. They have earned our TRUST and they treat us like family (they get concerned if we haven’t shown up in a while), AND we don’t have to cook or do the dishes!

I see the same thing in our business, although our “neighborhood” is now global, many of our clients have been with us for a very long time. They may have first started with a logo and business card, and years later, turn to us for help with updated or additional marketing collateral, and/or with their website, and/or their first (or second) books.

After almost 15 years in business, we’ve gotten to KNOW many of them like family. We keep up with stories about kids, grandkids, and dogs (and cats, and birds) . . . and talk about transitioning parents to nursing homes . . . LIFE in general. It’s “family.” If we don’t hear from them in a while, I reach out and check in. We genuinely LIKE our clients. Over the years, they have learned to TRUST us to take care of their branding and publishing needs, as we continue to help them grow their business.

So, the next time you’re in our neighborhood (earth), check out our menu of services. I KNOW you’re going to see something you LIKE, and you can TRUST us to treat you like family (or better!).

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