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8 Reasons Why Amazon.com’s Price Check App Is Not Your Enemy

December 27, 2011  |  Ramon Ray
Editor and Technology Evangelist, Smallbiztechnology.com, AE OPEN

Amazon.com is not a “friend” or ‘foe’ to small businesses.

It’s in business, just like we all are to make money.

That money is made by selling something someone wants and making a profit. It’s having great products, great customer service and whatever other things-marketing or hiring the right staff-that make our businesses competitive.

Amazon.com has an app, the Price Check app,  that makes it easy for you to search for a price on a product and see the price on Amazon.com.

Amazon.com has caused some controversy in the small business retail world, politicians and advocacy groups by giving folks a 5% discount if they checked a local retailer’s price on the app and then bought the product from Amazon.com.

Hard for retailers to compete against that? Sure. Sleazy? No.


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