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Is it Luck or is it Mindset?

If you are creative, you probably have a lot of grand ideas but not enough time or perhaps motivation to see them all through. I try to keep a list of my ideas on my phone, and I have just as many good intentions as much as I have good ideas. Sometimes, my ideas make the list; other times, I promise myself to “remember that one!”

Remember that fantastic idea you had that one time . . . and you let it “sit” waiting for another day . . . for you to take action?

As your idea was “sitting” on the sidelines of your life, someone else had that same great idea, decided to take action, and rolled out THEIR grand idea to the Universe. And you were sitting on the sidelines mumbling, “But wait! That was MY idea!”

I imagine the idea pool as an invisible constant stream of consciousness, flowing about 1,000 miles above our heads. We all have access to that stream of ideas, and it’s up to each of us to access “our” idea, claim it, and take action. If we don’t, someone else can grab it!

Some people might call that “luck” . . . Successful people call it “mindset.”

Mindset is simply a word for “creating your own luck.” Your depth of luck can be determined by many things — upbringing, education, opportunities — all of which equate to forming your belief system. Our belief system and our actions (or lack thereof) shape our destiny.

Is it Luck or is it Mindset?

Perhaps luck is more about being in the right place at the right time. A growth mindset is a perspective on life — the foundation that allows us to see setbacks as learning experiences and keeps us focused on opportunities and new possibilities. Cultivating a growth mindset is essential for success.

We’ve all heard about setting goals and taking action. When your goal is to find a four-leaf clover, you start looking for four-leaf clovers — and you find one! The same thing happens when you actively seek opportunities; they are more likely to show up in your life. Taking action increases your propensity for success.


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