Establish Your Credibility
$12,000 to $18,000

  • You have written your manuscript, (70,000 words or less).
  • We edit and proofread your manuscript.
  • We design your cover and interiors.
  • We establish you as an independent publisher, serve as your “ghost-publisher,” and help you publish your book.
  • We teach you how to check sales and buy your books at cost.
  • INCLUDES a guaranteed Amazon Bestseller Campaign.
  • INCLUDES the OPTION to add in Social Media Set-up and Assistance AND/OR an Author Website (up to 5 pages).

INCLUDES: Book Design, Print Management
The greatest compliment we’ve ever received is, “No one knows my book is self-published!” Join the 1000’s of authors who have benefited from our award-winning designs. Your custom-designed cover will be one-of-a-kind and showcase your message, helping it to stand out — whether it’s on a shelf or online!

  • Industry-standard book size (you select from many size options; we guide you with “industry popular” input)
  • Custom cover design for paperback, e-book, and hardback
  • Custom interior-layout page design based upon your custom cover design
  • Custom layout & production of interior pages
  • Up to 12 author-supplied interior graphics, photos, or pull quotes ($20 each additional) - We can scan here if needed.
  • Includes 6 rounds of client revisions, or a total of 6 hours (additional hours billed at our current hourly rate)
  • Book size discussion
  • Book interior elements discussion (order of book “parts” such as Dedication, Acknowledgments, etc.)
  • Book pricing for retail discussion
  • Guaranteed Retail- and Library-approved Copyright page
  • Final print-ready art files uploaded to best-practice print-on-demand vendors (Amazon/KDP and IngramSpark)
  • PDF files for e-book conversion through IngramSpark (preferred vendor)
  • 3-D and “flat” images of your book for marketing purposes
  • Print management; liaison with printing vendors for high quality and best price
  • Unlimited text and e-mails
  • Unlimited extra hand-holding and “nudging” — as needed
  • Turn-around time is currently 8-12 weeks for pre-edited manuscripts

INCLUDES: Best-Practice, Online Preferred-Vendor Account Set-Up
This one-time fee sets you up as an independent Author-As-Publisher, allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties, copyright, and profits. Subsequent books will only incur a minimal Title Set-up Fee (currently $500 per ISBN). Includes:

  • ISBN account set-up and ISBN assignment (see below for a list of additional direct-billed vendor fees of @ $400 +/-)*
  • Amazon/KDP account set-up (see below for additional pay-to-vendor fees); includes Author Page set-up as needed
  • IngramSpark account set-up (see below for additional pay-to-vendor fees)
  • Distribution access to 40,000+ retail connections, including Amazon and brick-and-mortar access
  • LCCN/Library of Congress account set-up (free version); filing of the completed book
  • BISAC code search
  • US Copyright Office account set-up; filing of the completed book (see below for additional vendor fees)
  • Independent Publishing Business mentoring
  • Publishing “arm” name search and URL procurement guidance (if needed)
  • Training on how to access your dashboard on vendor websites, check sales, and order books at cost
  • Unlimited text and emails
  • Unlimited extra hand-holding and “nudging” — as needed

Paid directly to each vendor on behalf of author (using author’s CC on file). This ensures all your accounts are in YOUR name, and all royalties ($$$s) come directly to you!

  • $295 (10 ISBNs)
  • $ 65 Copyright
  • $145 Preferred LCCN
  • $5-$10 (+/-) Sample Book (optional)


  • A: Make one payment up front and receive a 5% discount of total amount
  • B: Installment payments are available via pre-arranged credit/debit card, up to 9 months, 30 days apart; incurs a 5% added handling fee. All fees must be paid prior to book being published.

If you are ready to start the process, or if you’d like to LEARN MORE, please schedule a call with Cathy HERE. If you have trouble finding a date/time that works well for you, please reach out to Julie HERE

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