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Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand . . .

. . . and make this world a better place if you can.

I awoke this morning with this song in my head. Most likely prompted by a new friend in Australia I met yesterday through Facebook — connected by a common-cause private chat-room. I found the YouTube video of Dianna Ross singing the song, as well as the lyrics . . . both of which gave me the goosebumps as I stepped back into time with such a timely message.

We are definitely living in a time of transformation . . . amazing, astounding and even astonishing things have been happening these past few weeks. As crazy as our world has become, I’ve noticed how people are actually reaching out to each other and forming greater connections. No matter where your opinion falls regarding politics or pipelines, I’m guessing you have sought out a few discussions with like-minded family and friends. Bonds are stronger and relationships have gotten closer. In order to gain our balance in an unsteady world, we reach out to our “tribe” looking for a sense of stability. Chaos in our outer world causes us to seek calm in our inner world.

Wayne Dyer called it the “Law of Dichotomy”. When we start noticing extreme opposites appearing in our lives, it’s a sure sign we are getting ready to be catapulted to a new level of understanding . . . with our individual self (the micro-level) as well as with our world (the macro-level). His advice was to “fasten your seat belts” and enjoy the ride . . . and it never hurts to reach out and touch somebody’s hand along the way!

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