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Ruth Bader Ginsberg Tribute

In her 87 and-a-half years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg left a significant mark on law, on feminism, and later in life, on culture. She also left a significant mark on everyday life in America, helping to broaden the definition of “family” and the types of jobs women AND men are able to take. Her legacy is, in a way, the lives that countless Americans are able to live today.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was more than a Supreme Court Judge…she was a leading lady who left her mark on law, feminism, and everyday life.

You Can Thank Ruth If You Have . . .

  • Obtained a mortgage without a male cosigner
  • Opened a checking account without a male co-signer
  • Started a business without a male co-signer
  • Gotten a credit card without a male co-signer
  • Obtained a business loan without a male co-signer
  • Been hired for a job without gender-based discrimination
  • Obtained birth control without your husband’s permission
  • Not been forced to provide proof of sterilization in order to apply for or retain employment
  • Received pension benefits equal to male co-workers
  • Received equal consideration to be an executor of your child’s estate

Ruth left an amazing legacy . . . empowering women along the way. Join us in honoring Ruth by sharing your voice and writing one chapter about how your life, or someone you know, has been impacted by her life-time contributions.

“(Cathy) created the Anthology Series business model as means of promoting and supporting women business owners around the world. (Her) expertise allowed us to bring our book, “The Anatomy of Accomplishment” from concept to the bookshelf. (Her) leadership allows women everywhere an opportunity to participate in the empowering world of entrepreneurship.”

– Erin Joy, Founder, CEO of Black Dress Circle®

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