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Shine Your Light — Be Your Brilliant Self!

So many people vying for attention right now. Some, for reasons no one will ever understand.

At times, it feels as if the veil of darkness, despair and depression calls to us and begs us to listen. The darkness can be overpowering, if we let it.

By turning on the light. By being your BRILLIANT SELF.

Esther Hicks talks about the dichotomy of “lightness” vs. “darkness” and reminds us that THERE IS NO DARK SWITCH. We don’t walk into a brightly-lit room and turn on the “dark switch.” Darkness is merely an illusion . . . the absence of lightness. I’m CONVINCED that the more of us who choose to SHINE and radiate positive energy, the more we’ll be able to dispel the darkness.

SO . . . How Many Life Coaches Do YOU Know?
I know several! I see it as no coincidence that the fields of Life Coaching and Business Coaching have taken off dramatically over the past decade . . . perhaps in response to the ever-increasing stress-levels of “LIFE.”

According to Forbes Magazine, personal coaching is a booming industry . . . a $1 billion a year industry in the USA alone. The coaching industry has expanding at such a rapid rate, with highly-trained professionals at-the-ready to help us all navigate out of the darkness . . . practically on every corner.

“Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology… Coaching has evolved into a much more sophisticated profession based on knowledge and training from many other disciplines.” – Canada’s National Post, 2016

Ninety-PLUS percent of our clients are in what I call the “helping and healing” services field . . . mental health, physical health, financial health . . . and/or the health of a community, such as non-profits and organizations.

These therapists, life-coaches, medical professionals, educators and trainers, ALL seem to have all stepped forward simultaneously . . . almost like a “safety net” . . . to catch us as we begin to falter (or fall apart) during periods of high stress.

The other amazing statistic I heard this past week . . . “Only 10% of those who call themselves a Life Coach make over $10,000/year.” Of that 10%, the average income is $61,000.

SO . . . as a Life a Coach, How Do You Become Part of the 10%?
You Shine. You stand out. You get noticed.

That’s where we come in. We can help.
It’s our job to help you Look Good, Get Noticed, and learn to Monetize Your Passion.

We Brand, We Design, We Publish.

We Help You Shine!

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