Bright Spots:
Finding Your Way Through Change and Beyond

Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World is a collection of essays, written by 40 authors from around the world, in direct response to the events occurring in the year 2020. Each author shares a story of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to help the reader feel less stressed, less overwhelmed, and more connected to their own inner-light source of inspiration.

We are here. Right now. On purpose. For a reason.

Although it may not feel all that pleasant, we have each been called to this adventure, at this particular time, for our own unique reasons. The future holds the promise of a new beginning, and we have been summoned to make a positive impact as we begin to mold a new earth.

  • We are the ones who hold the magic—the magic fairy sparkle dust—that is so desperately needed right now to rebuild.
  • We are the ones who are willing to extend a hand, share our treasures, and reach out to others in need.
  • We are the ones needed NOW—to not only offer compassion, comfort, and consolation, but to also initiate dialogue and direction.

You, too, are the light—one who can shine and light the way for others. Yours is the light so desperately needed NOW—to rebuild communities, confidence, and broken dreams. It is time for you, too, to shine so that others may draw hope, strength, and courage from YOUR light and learn to let their own light shine.

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Fearless and Fabulous:
Finding Your Way Through Change and Beyond

Change is inevitable. How we react to it is purely our choice.This collection of essays was mid-production when the phrase “shelter-in-place” became a common household conversation. As Fearless and Fabulous authors, the only choice was to keep moving forward and in doing so, inspire others to do the same!

Our power lies within and among. Much like a single butterfly, each of the sixteen contributing authors has decided at some point in their life to make the personal choice to break through whatever is holding them back, reach for the light, and create a life worth living. Each has found the courage to go for what they want and make the changes necessary—not just in order to survive, but to thrive. Each year, during Fall migration, Monarch butterflies join together for their northward journey. The strength of the group—also known as a kaleidoscope—serves to protect and support each other along the way. Similarly, the power of the collective shines forth in the stories shared between the covers of this book.

United in collaboration, these authors share their wisdom as their gift to you on your personal journey. Please accept our invitation to join our kaleidoscope as we fearlessly navigate, hand-in-hand, towards a fabulous new earth! “What do you want, Butterfly?”Let’s go do that.

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, if you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and kindred spirits, this book is for you.

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Living Well: Positive Perspectives on Creating a Life Worth Living

Stamina. Resilience. Determination.

These are but just a few of the words used throughout this “Living Well” collection of essays written by women who have learned to use the power of negative life experiences as fuel to rise again. In their own words, these authors—attorneys, health professionals, life coaches, business coaches, business owners, farmers, photographers, writers, and marketing professionals—have stepped up to find their voices, tell their stories, and share what “Living Well” means to each of them.

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, if you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and kindred spirits, this book is for you.

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Hear Her Now: Finding Her Power

Women everywhere are stepping into their own power. Whether by chance or by choice, now is the time to step up, speak out, be heard, and find your way. the chapters within have all been written by women who have followed their own path — even when that path may have been unexpected — with dips and turns, or mountains and valleys.

Each has found her won way through trials and tribulations and are a tribute to women everywhere who may be in the midst of a struggle, or who have gound their way through the latest darkness — stronger for the journey and wiser for the experience.

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Living the INNERGIZED Life: Transforming Ordinary Moments Into Extra-Ordinary Memories

Twenty women share stories of finding ways to transcend the craziness of day-to-day living, choosing to navigate life by connecting to what they define as their HIgher Power, Inner Knowing, or God-Source.

It's not about one particular belief system or particular religion, but rather about how an inner-guidance system, uniquely defined by each woman, becomes her own individual source of undeniable INNER ENERGY . . . allowing her to function at a much highte, INNERGIZED level on a daily basis.

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SEEMORE FROG & the Midnight Flight of the CanBees is a story for all ages.

Whether you read the story to a young child, or to your Inner Child, the message of “Life is What You Make It”, and to “Be All That You CanBee!” resonates with everyone.

Enjoy a quiet moment as you color the pages together, or take some “me” time to practice an individual “coloring meditation”.

Either way, you create the opportunity to remember and reinforce that we are all perfect, whole and complete — and quite capable of setting and achieving our goals. 36 pages; 8 x 8 format.

Second Edition copies are available via, $9.95

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UPSIdaisy — The Journal features designs meant to motivate and inspire, or simply to add a smile to your day.

With 60 designs, you receive over 52 weeks of thought-provoking inspirational and motivational messages to enhance your journaling experience.

Showcasing designs found on, all of the images included here can also be ordered as imprints on a wide variety of products — from greeting cards, caps and clocks — to framed prints, t-shirts, tote bags, aprons, coasters, mugs, and more. 130 pages; 8 x 8 format.

Available via, $24.99

Special pricing is available for bulk purchases and for fundraising, contact [email protected]

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