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Southern Belles Only Wear Their Best Dress In Public

Many of you have heard stories about me growing up in Oklahoma. And yes, “Yep”, “Howdy” and “Ya’ll” were spoken daily – even by the ladies.

More importantly, the ladies in my family – especially my mother and her mother (Nana) –  mirrored the fashion trends of the time and I was taught, “a true lady only goes out in public in her best dress”.  In the 1960’s that meant a shirt-waisted dress with flair skirt, pearls, white wrist-gloves, and a hat with matching shoes and purse. My older sister, in her teens, got to wear “nylons”, while my approved fashion uniform was accessorized with baggy white anklets. (Note: probably explains why I now hate baggy socks.)

Although my fashion preferences have relaxed dramatically (I grew up, went to college and learned the value of comfort), the lesson of being “best dressed” in public has stayed with me throughout my career and re-manifested itself into creating “best brands” for our clients to share in public.

So, what does it mean to have a “best dressed” brand?

  • Express a comprehensive understanding of your audience. My Nana would always say, “A lady should be dressed to meet the ONE person she has always wanted to meet.”
  • Select a well-thought-out color palette (not just your favorite colors). My Nana would also tell me to not be “too flashy”, but add a pop of color. My mother, on the other hand, was queen of bright colors and busy patterns. I learned to balance the two, depending on where we were going.
  • Be prepared with a professionally designed vector logo – suitable for web AND print (you never know when you might need a banner or a t-shirt imprinted). My sister taught me to “always be prepared” (or was that the Girl Scouts?!). Take a sweater, or maybe a pair of flat-heeled shoes – just in case.
  • Illuminate your value with a well-crafted written message, and address the needs of your audience. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, my own definitive wardrobe “look” developed and evolved as I grew older. Our world became more relaxed the older I got, and so did my wardrobe (and so should your message).
  • Share your message across all marketing platforms, creating a cohesive, memorable impression. Never one to buy into “trends”, my preference evolved into, classic, simple lines – with a pop of color. Our newly-updated brand does just that. So could yours.

Presenting YOUR brand in it’s “best dressed” form . . .

Whether you were born into the “proper” ways of the South, the more relaxed trends of the West Coast, or the familiar traditions of the Northeast, evolving into your own brand style is important for expressing your message and attracting your perfect audience.

Developing your own unique style is just that – YOUR UNIQUE STYLE. It’s not about copying the colors, fonts or messaging the “other guy” is using, but an opportunity to fully express your unparalleled value at it’s best.

It’s time to get dressed up.

LET’S TALK. One-on-one, about updating YOUR brand.

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