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The BIG Donut

I’m convinced that children are here to help us remember the “important stuff”.

We had a lovely gathering at our home yesterday, celebrating the rebirth of Spring. The Easter Bunny left a few awesome treats for the grand-bubs, and four generations gathered for the “feast”.

In addition to the many main dishes, it became apparent that desserts were a big feature, as with only 6 adults and two toddlers, we ended up with four homemade desserts – apple pie, banana pudding, banana split pie, and the “BIG Donut”.

You see, donuts have become a bonding experience for the two little guys. Poppi is known for picking the boys up on a slow work-day morning, and making an impromptu “donut run”, followed by a stop at a local playground to run off the sugar before taking them back home.

Donuts have a much bigger meaning than simply sugar and flour. Donuts represent “bonding time”. . . a time where no electronic devices reign supreme over sitting across a table from your Poppi and sharing donuts and milk . . . and discussing how great it would be to have a donut as big as the one on the poster at the donut shop.

Mr. N was not even concerned about having to share this BIG Donut . . . there was certainly enough to go around. His full-belly sigh, coupled with a slight eye-roll as he leaned back in his chair, told us all he had reached his Donut Nirvana.

It’s great to be (almost) three and realize somebody “gets” you.

It’s great to be (twenty-times) three and realize somebody “gets” you.

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