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Turning FEAR into Positive Action

Entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many hats. As our business grows, we learn to delegate and to even let go of some things — yet the one remaining responsibility which will always be constant is how we lead.

As the primary “driver of the bus” our actions and reactions determine the ride. How we lead during times of chaos and confusion determines whether we take the fast lane on the interstate or turn off into unknown territory.

This past week has left many people traversing unknown territory while experiencing the sporadic stages of grief. I’ve fluctuated from anger and denial to confusion and potential acceptance. Yet, I also recognize how this translates into the need for me to accept the responsibility for my reactions and actions. I may not agree with the recent turn of events, but . . .

I CAN choose to . . .

  • step above the fray and focus on the GOOD (reflective of Michelle Obama’s “we go high”)
  • find my balance to surf atop the tsunami rather than be pulled under into the abyss (reflective of Martha Beck’s analogy in “Finding Your Way”)
  • reject FEAR and turn my nervous energy into Fiercely Empowered Actions and Re-solutions

I will NOT live in the land of fear, but rather, I will continue to focus on HOPE, LOVE and PEACE.

Hope you join me!

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