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What Happened to Compassion?

Mother Earth is pissed off, and has a need to blow off a little (or a lot of) steam. I’m a big believer in the correlation between “earth energy” and “people energy”. You know, that macro- vs. micro-level theory. When the negative energy in humans reaches a boiling point, at some level it affects the energy of the global community, thereby affecting the energy of our globe, AKA: earth.
The divide and discourse between people seems to be getting wider and hotter (many theorize at the hands of social media), and our youth has no idea how to handle rejection. Let alone how to play well together on the playground. My conversation is not about politics or guns (although it COULD BE). It’s about how people treat people.
I don’t know the answer. I wish I did.
So, the best I can do is to keep offering POSITIVE energy out into a world which so desperately needs it right now . . . hoping my little positive ripple reaches out and diffuses some little bit of resistance and hate.
Go ahead, call me Pollyanna . . . others have. But if I believe it could happen at the micro level, that also means it could happen at the global level.
Please join me. Let’s try it.

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