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When was the last time you did something for the very first time?

The grand-bubs stopped by for a few hours  last week while Mom ran some errands. Ages 6.5 and 4 years, they are still not too sure about our super-wiggly, hyper-active new puppy who wants to lick their faces and jump all over them.

Having a 4-month-old puppy around is a new experience for them. They have a dog, but he is actually more like their older, “big brother” who was in the family before they ever arrived. Their dog is much more mellow and has learned to get out of their way and go snooze in another room.

At first, Mr. N (the 4 year old) was afraid of our puppy, Chewy. After all, his name IS “Chewy!” So, we hid safely under a blanket and let Chewy jump on us both and try to find his way into our “security blanket.” Giggles and laughter ensued, and what used to be a frightening experience soon turned into a great game of hide-and-seek.

When was the last time YOU did something for the very first time?

Our clients hire us to help them take a lot of “first steps” into new experiences. They trust us to help them navigate what can sometimes seems like the unknown territory of professional branding and independent self-publishing. Taking on the role of the “security blanket,” we turn what appears to be overwhelming and scary into easy step-by-step processes.

Ready to take the leap into a positive, new branding experience? . . . give me a call.

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