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Another Day in Paradigm.

A new pattern.
A shift in thinking.
A pivot.

The world of independent- and self-publishing is constantly changing.
We work with a variety of industry-preferred online vendors, and it sometimes seems as if their process or protocol changes weekly (if not daily). Over the past 15 years, we have learned to pivot on a moment’s notice and find new workarounds in the ever-changing publishing landscape.

In the past two months alone . . .

  • CreateSpace merged with KDP, and we’ve been busy helping our authors transition their books over to KDP and a “new way” of doing things. A few have encountered some obstacles, but we’ve been there to hold their hands and find solutions.
  • The government-regulated ISBN agency, Bowker, was hacked on November 5th, which completely shut down their website. Bowker created a temporary website to handle registrations while the old site is being rebuilt. You temporarily need to download a WORD document, fill it out online or by hand, AND fax (remember those!?) or scan/email it to Bowker.

We know our way around and we know how to pivot.

Our clients have learned to trust us to “find the best way”. We are immersed in the industry on a daily basis (sometimes 12-15 hours a day). Our propriety process helps transformational small-business owners write books, become published authors and monetize their passion while minimizing their investment.

If you find yourself in a tizzy . . . or merely in a state of exasperated confusion, give us a call. We can help.

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