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LEARN Your Value & EARN Your Value.

We work with a lot of independent small business owners . . . life coaches, speakers, therapists, educators, etc. Most are in the helping and healing professions, giving of themselves and their expertise to help others find a happy, healthy way of living.

A common denominator which comes up quite often with these clients is how much to charge for their services. Because what they do comes SO easily to them, many are priced way too low, and end up giving their services away for free. They barely charge enough to meet their expenses.

Been there. Done that. Moving on.

Experience has told me that if I don’t value myself and my gifts (my unique expertise), neither will anyone else.

If you are ready to LEARN Your Value & EARN Your Value, give me a shout. I’d love to have a genuine conversation with you. Our conversation will include how to:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PASSION —WHAT are you really selling, and WHY?
  • ALIGN YOUR PURPOSE —WHO you are selling to, and HOW do you offer them relief?
  • ATTRACT MORE PROFITS— Connect your brand messaging with your programs and pricing structure to attract the interest of your target audience.

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