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Chewy’s Choice

Our Director of Barketing, Chewy (short for Mr. Happy Chewbacca Davis), has an overly particular palette, a definite penchant for fluffy sleeping arrangements, and a highly personal preference for his two favorite GRAND buds, who (in his opinion) never visit quite enough.

His two GRAND buds love to read, and Chewy has selected these three books by Missouri author, Robert U. Montgomery, for them to read to HIM the next time they get to visit . . .

About Robert U. Montgomery

Author Robert U. Montgomery loves nature and teaching. Those passions are reflected in most of his works, including his series of illustrated children’s books, Who Let the Bugs Out?, Who Let the Frogs Out?, and more recently published, Who Let the Dinosaurs Out? These nature-inspired mysteries teach young readers about nature, encouraging them to go outside and explore it on their own. Each book features a young boy, Bobby, and ends with a positive life-lesson learned by Bobby and his friends.

Other children’s book titles by Montgomery include Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies: Growing up with Nature, Pippa’s Journey: Tail-Wagging Tales of Rescue Dogs, and Under the Bed: Tales from an Innocent Childhood.

The award-winning author’s short stories and nature photos have been published in both adult and children’s publications, including Boy’s Life. He also has written three books about fishing and two eco-thriller novels, Revenge of the Wolf and Return of the Wolf.

Montgomery lives in the Missouri Ozarks with his rescue dog Pippa.

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