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Inspirational Stories Through the Eyes of Medical Professionals, Frontline Workers, Survivors, and the Families and Friends of Those We Miss

What is Your “Silver Lining” Story?
The “RISING with RESILIENCE anthology is your chance to share how your life has been impacted by the recent pandemic. Whether directly, or indirectly, each person on this planet knows someone who has been affected by the illness, the quarantine, and/or the vaccine. What lessons have you learned? How will your life be different going forward?


We help each other heal through the power of our stories.

We’re all tired. We’re lost.
We have disconnected in order to survive.
We’ve lost our connection with each other . . . with humanity, our community, our feelings, OUR SELF.

RISING with RESILIENCE is our chance to reconnect, re-energize, and rebuild.
Our chance to RISE above all the negativity that came at us during the past several months.
Our chance to share how we really feel and show the world . . .
     We are resilient and resourceful . . .
     We are compassionate and caring . . .

We RISE as one united community — here to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • It’s time to RECONNECT with each other and to recreate those life experiences that matter;
  • it’s time to RE-ENERGIZE our souls to move forward, driven by hope; and most importantly,
  • it’s time to REBUILD our goals and dreams — ready to step into a healthier, happier existence.

When you share your personal story, you create a connection with your reader.

When you build rapport with your reader, they are subliminally invited into your “Know, Like, and Trust” funnel — even before you officially “meet” them. Make a lasting impact for years to come as you engage with an expanded, new audience, connect with your other co-authors, and add “Bestselling Author” to your credentials!

Top 10 reasons for GIFTING yourself a chapter:

  1. You and your business get introduced to all of the other authors and their lists of contacts!
  2. Your struggle and ability to overcome life’s obstacles could very well be someone’s roadmap out of darkness.
  3. Your humor and outlook on life become the bright spots in someone’s day.
  4. Your experience simplifies an intimidating “next step” and shines a light on how to step up and shine.
  5. Your knack for story-telling gives someone a brief escape into a wondrous new world.
  6. Sharing your story helps to create a stronger bond between you and the reader.
  7. Your life perspective brings hope and a plan for what seem to be insurmountable problems.
  8. Your voice matters. Sharing your wisdom may be the answer somebody needs.
  9. Wisdom not shared is wisdom lost forever!
  10. We help you write your chapter!


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