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Full Moon, Lightning and Determination

For years I’ve been fascinated by the full moon — I can remember it peeking through my window as a child and it has always been a comforting friend. I’ve also always been amazed by lightning and the awesome evening light shows which come with growing up in the midwest during thunderstorm season. I was the kid who would run outside to watch the lightning (still do). Luckily, I’ve never been hit by lightning, but have seen it strike a tree across the street while sitting on my front porch (yes, I JUMPED up and ran inside) — a bit too close, even for me!

Last week’s full moon was spectacular. What made it even more so was to be able to view it from a beach in Florida with a thunderstorm in the distant background. We had arrived early for a business conference in Ft. Lauderdale, and were taking advantage of “sitting and relaxing” before it started the next morning. I’ve been trying to capture lightning in a photo since I was in high school, and I was determined to not go back into the hotel until I photographed both the moon and lightning in one shot.

With technology in my favor after these long-awaited years, I had my handy-dandy iPhone with “burst” function. I could simply hold down the button and a sequential series of photos magically appeared on my phone. WOOHOO! After only two tries I GOT IT! I was so excited I think I danced . . . “by the light of the silvery moon”!

Fast-forward a couple of days, and we’re rushing to the airport (AKA: “Airport #1) for our return to STL. Unbeknownst to us, the Southwest Airlines computer debacle was in full-throttle and what originally would have been a 2.5-hour flight home turned into a 12-hour odyssey involving 3 airports, a rental car and a quick 2-hour nap at a “clean-but-well-used” motel.

The irony here is we had just spent the last two days at a business conference, learning “best practices” for scaling our small business. “Determination” was a word we probably heard at least a half-dozen times each day. It was during our wee-morning 1.5-hour drive from “Airport #2” to “Airport #3” when I noticed how determined we were to get back home. We were just as determined to get back to STL as I was to take the photo — and we were taking advantage of every opportunity to “make it happen”. Technology became an asset (thank you, Apple) and total strangers appeared when we needed answers or directions.

I caught myself smiling at my mini “ah-ha” moment, realizing the formula I needed to scale my business was in the photo I had so proudly taken a few nights before . . . Rise Up, Shine Brightly and let Determination Spark Your Passion. We just expected to make it home — and we did. Home Sweet Home.

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