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Graphic File Formats


Is this a foreign language? No, not really. But, it IS important to know when you need which graphic file format, and why not all formats will work best for every purpose.

We develop many new logos for our clients and their products, and upon completion, we always provide our clients a variety of formats, including:

.AI – Your original vector art file (Adobe Illustrator).

.EPS – Primarily used for printing and high-resolution needs. Also good for embroidery and screen-printing uses

.PSD – Photo Shop file, (300dpi/CMYK)

.JPG (High Res, 300dpi) – some printing purposes; works best with Microsoft Office (RGB)

.JPG (Low Res, 72dpi) – web uses (RGB)

.PNG (150dpi) – web uses; transparent background (RGB)

.PDF – cross-platform generic format

The next time someone asks you for a specific file format, and you have no idea what they are asking for – give us a call – we can help you with that!

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