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For the past 11 months, my selected word-for-the-year was “Treasure.” My intent was to be much more aware of the treasures in my life . . . family, health, humor, clients, etc. In reflection, I’d have to say that yes, 2019 was a treasure-filled year of experiences.

Overall, 2019 gave us quite a RUSH of new clients to welcome on board, with new books to help publish, and invaluable experiences in getting to know the authors and their books. Through our own internal efforts and those of our trusted referral partners, we are gratefully on target to have our biggest year yet.

But I also want to say a quick THANK YOU to those people and experiences which may not have necessarily been all that pleasant. LUCKILY, these were few and far-between, yet important lessons were included. The 3 most important lessons we learned were . . .

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff . . . we heard this plenty of times before, but we needed to consciously incorporate it into daily living and working . . . and take time to NOT WORK.
  2. Start where you are . . . and don’t try to “catch up” . . . organize, prioritize, monetize. (Thank you Bill Prenatt.)
  3. The customer MAY NOT always be right . . . we learned to set better boundaries and not let the rare occasion of not being able to please someone ruin our day . . . week . . . year.

So, as we move into the Winter Holiday Season, it is with MUCH GRATITUDE that we THANK YOU for sharing 2019 with us. We have YOU, a member of our rainbow of clients from all across this planet, for whom we are eternally grateful to have in our lives.

May this Winter Holiday Season find you welcoming much JOY and HAPPINESS into your life!

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