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Living in Faith & Trust Award!

Author Beth Thater-Maune recently released her book, Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose as an Amazon International Bestseller.

While on several spiritual retreats around the world, Beth experienced many visitations from God, Jesus, the Pleiadians, and other spirits of the Higher Realm. During one particular visit, standing in the Temple of Records with Jesus, Beth accepted the task of writing Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose in order to share with the world her experiences and the wisdom she was receiving.

This book guides readers to answer your Divine Calling, understand your life’s purpose and inner journey, and operate within the spirit realm. Beth encourages you to explore your spiritual and religious belief systems, to look at your life story in order to find the lessons there and to shine your inner light beyond the imaginable.

To join Beth, her family, and friends at her book launch in celebration, click HERE to attend. 

Click HERE to purchase Beth’s book in paperback, hardback or Kindle.




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