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I Choose to LiFT

I think we could all agree that we are living in an ever-changing world.

Some of us share opinions, and some of us disagree . . . yet thankfully, we live in a country where having one’s own opinion is still valued.

We have choices about how we react (or not) to what happens in our world. When it comes down to it, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

I choose to be part of the solution, and so do our clients. I choose to LiFT.

I’ve always considered our family to be multi-denominational and all-inclusive. The mixture of our bloodlines, adoptees, marital partners and significant others is pretty much representative of the United Nations.

The same goes for our client list. Our client base comes from all 50 states and 17 countries, and many of the clients we support are faith-based . . . yet not all are of the same faith. The one thing I see ALL of them having in common is the ability to LiFT in times of fear, anger and doubt.

I couldn’t ask for a better job than the one I’ve created for myself . . . to be involved with people who identify a problem and feel a need to step up and offer a solution. Working with our clients allows me to see magic happen on a daily basis!

Living in Faith and Trust. A great example of this is our client, Tyron Barrington . . . a fashion industry expert, a former Top Model Agent and now Fashion Producer and Casting Director for many recognizable big-name clients and brands. Tyron’s most recent book, “BARING Soles in FASHION: A Behind the Seams Look at Beauty and Fashion” is a parody about life in the fashion industry, as told by fashionable supermodel characters whose names reflect Fear, Doubt, Worry, and Faith. It is the story of one’s journey for the coveted cover of DREAM Magazine and the path of hope one follows. Is it the label (clothes) we wear — worn to impress others? . . . It is the make-up we choose to wear — concealing the truth of who we truly are? . . . Or is it the collection of designer bags we carry — ultimately weighing us down?

Tyron is also the President of MiFE & MiFE TALKS events, a non-profit organization mentoring teens and young adults entering the fashion & entertainment industry. More information about Tyron and his causes can be found HERE.

Thank you, Tryon, for making a difference as you LiFT the women of fashion and entertainment to new heights!


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