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Living in Faith & Trust Award!

Congratulations to Tessa Greenspan on receiving #1 International Bestseller status on Amazon!

From Outhouse to Penthouse is a story about overcoming all the odds and learning to thrive. With unconditional love from her mother, a husband who was a produce wiz and the support of her family and employees, Tessa took a failing business with one million dollars in debt to successfully turn her store around, grossing ten million dollars in sales.

Tessa is a motivating, energetic force with a deep faith. She strongly believes in the law of attraction, leading with a loving, generous heart, and knows that life is about being real, humble and kind. Never too old to dream, join Tessa on her journey as she leaves a trail of kindness through hard work and determination and uses the power of a giving heart to create her own destiny.

“My name is Tessa Greenspan
and I live life FULL OUT!

My purpose is to live a life of significance and leave a legacy of inspiration.

Life, I’ve discovered, is what you choose to make it. I’m making mine a good one — filled with happiness, smiles, and love.

I begin each day with a grateful heart, and I have much to be grateful for.



Buy your very own heartwarming and inspiring copy, as an e-book or paperback, HERE!

To join Tessa at her St. Louis Book Launch,
with proceeds going to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital,
you may register HERE!

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