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The Book Marketing Magic of 3 M’s

It’s not about how well your books sell . . .
But, it IS all about how well your books SELL YOU!

Please don’t publish your book and THEN ask for help with marketing. You’ve got it all backwards. Your focus should not be on how many books you can
sell . . . but on how your book helps to MARKET YOU and your services.

Book Marketing is ALL about Relationship Building.

Your marketing conversation needs to happen BEFORE you publish your book and should include 3 key “M” components:

  1. MARKET: Who is your target market? Who needs your book? Why do they need your book?
  2. MESSAGE: How do you help them? What solutions do you offer? What makes your info better/smarter/more interesting than the other author/experts who do what you do?
  3. MASTER PLAN: How do you plan on meeting and building relationships with your target audience?
    • Online? (blogs, e-news, social media, podcasts, etc.?)
    • Offline? (speaking, workshops, training, events, etc.?)
    • Outreach? (networking, referral partners, cheerleaders, co-sponsored events, etc.?)

You can’t even call your manuscript complete until you have addressed all of the above three aspects. Otherwise, you are simply writing for the fun of it and it’s highly unlikely your published book will get noticed . . . let alone sell to people who do not know you.

Your big bucks will not happen because of books sold on Amazon. The best return on your investment dollar will be from sales you make personally — from your website or when speaking.

When we work with authors BEFORE their book is published, we not only help them find answers to the above questions, but they are better positioned to be seen as the expert they truly are, sell more books, and see a greater return on their publishing investment.

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