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Mindful Marketing: BELIEVE

BELIEVE in your product or service.

When you BELIEVE in what you offer, you create a passion that motivates your consumer to purchase. Identify the FEELING you want your consumer to have with each purchase, and you are on your way to increased sales.

Kashi actively markets the healthy lifestyle by building a community of health-conscious fans. Through the company’s focus on health and wellness, Kashi exemplifies how to build a personal brand that makes consumer relationships a priority.

Each year since 1995, leading food industry expert, Julian Mellentin, forecasts and analyzes trends in food, nutrition and health. Indicators show that food and beverages which provide a benefit that consumers can actually FEEL will be best placed to weather the global economic downturn.

“In tough times the single most important factor consumers will take into account when choosing a functional food or drink will be whether it delivers a benefit they can feel,” says Mellentin.

The importance of “feel the benefit” is even more important when people are being more careful with their money.

“Products that lack a quick and easy-to-feel effect could be in trouble,” Mellentin observes.

At Kashi, the most loyal “BELIEVERS” sign up to become a Kashi “Fan Addict” – giving them added benefits such as coupons, weekly newsletters and access to special promotions.

Does your consumer BELIEVE in your product? Can they FEEL your benefit?

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