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Nest, Nurture, and Ignite Compassion in Action

Nest, Nurture, and Ignite Compassion in Action

“There are those too gentle to live among wolves.”  — Alan Watts

. . . and those too generous of spirit to allow
the gentle among us to succumb to a virus.

It’s Time. We are here on this planet — at this particular time — for a definite reason.

“Houston, we have a situation.”

You see, there is a VIRUS among us. This VIOLENT, IRRATIONAL, RELENTLESS, UNDESIRABLE, SITUATION has developed into a global pandemonium with an outcome solely dependent upon our reaction to it. In the beginning, its impact was downplayed as “nothing to worry about” . . . “it will be gone before we know it.” Yet, this VIRUS has a rampant viral insensitivity, knows no boundaries, and takes all as prisoners. What started as the annoying sniffle we could once ignore and hide from, has now exploded into an uncontrollable beast, of which, even the highest counsel on the planet knows of no readily apparent cure. Yet.

It’s time for each of us to claim ownership of our contribution to the growth of this VIRUS — not just focus on survival. When we succumb to anger, isolation, and fear, the VIRUS grows. The answer is not to hide . . . the answer lies within you and me as we step up, speak up, and take back our power. The macro (planet) is only a reflection of the micro (you and me). We cannot wait for the “bigger brick” to hit us up-side the head. There is no bigger brick . . . the VIRUS is the frickin’ bigger brick.

NOW is the time to take back our power . . .

The VIRUS wants us to feel powerless and fearful — which only fuels its sense of grandeur and makes it feel more omnipotent. Many are feeling that so much in life is out of our control right now, yet this negative VIRUS is actually handing us the opportunity to focus on what we can control — ourselves and our reactions. When we turn our focus away from the VIRUS it begins to shrink, wither, and worry. When we turn IN-ward . . . inside our own mind, body, and spiritual connection . . . inside our closest circle of family, friends, and colleagues . . . we take back our power and find we no longer need this VIRUS. We do not need, nor want, to live in the shadow of fear.

You see, not only is NOW the time for us to nest and nurture, now is the time for each of us to ignite the flame of Compassion in Action within our global community. Take care of what you need to at home, then take care of your community. We all speak about compassion and we all say we want to help, but quite often we let other people do the work or we keep quiet so as to not “rock the boat!” This is not the time to sit back with a “wait and see” attitude. That party is over. What can we do?

  • What can we clean up, repair, or “fix” within our own sphere of influence, NOW?
  • What have we put on the back burner to “deal with later” that needs our attention, NOW?
  • Who needs us to reach out with our help (time, talent, treasure), NOW?
  • How can we extend a hand and be the “lift” someone else needs, right NOW?

We are at a crucial tipping point on this planet. Compassion in Action needs to happen now.

The planet needs you and me.

We need each other.

My guess is that you have probably already noticed the abundance of Helpers and Healers who have heard the call, identified their gift, and are offering their services — educators, trainers, speakers, motivational coaches, life coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, emotional intelligence coaches, health coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, doctors, and more (oh my!). You name it, and there is probably a coach for it. At first, this might seem intimidating (especially if you are in the same line of business), but perhaps it is a blessing.

I believe there is an invisible source for good at the helm, and this collection of Helpers and Healers is here, on purpose, at this specific time in history. These are the professionals who have gone through extensive training while inadvertently forming an invisible “safety net” in preparation to help the planet heal, transform, and thrive! There is an abundance of people who are/will be needing help, and we will each attract those who we are most qualified to help . . . this is our job, our purpose, our mission.

We are here as collaborators and partners. The strength of our safety net lies in our numbers and our ability to create strong connections.

It’s Time. We’ve been called to step up, find our voice, and be part of the solution.

Every aspect of our existence (environment, politics, health, race, religion, medical care, gender identification, immigration, relationships, business, finance, etc.) has been turned upside down, tossed into a gigantic jar of muddy water . . . shaken AND stirred . . .  and we ALL are now sitting on the universal planetary shelf, in a jar of muddy water, just waiting to see what the H#@L is going to happen next.

Muddy water.
Sitting still.
Gets clear.

As we sit and wait, the silt begins to settle, and we can more clearly see our next step.

That’s where WE come in.
WE are going to happen next.
WE are going to step up.

Many of you already have. Your passion and dedication to your work put you on the front-line of change! Your willingness to step up paves the way with courage and hope for the rest of us.

Don’t wait. Reach out. Extend a helping hand. Join the safety net.

  • Remember what it was like to just sit on your front porch and get to know your neighbors and ask what they need help with? Go do that.
  • Haven’t seen your neighbor across the street in a while? It’s time to check in and make sure everything is all right in their world.
  • If all you can muster right now is to watch, learn, and be a cheerleader for the rest of us, then please do that.

Then, when it’s time, GO VOTE.

We don’t need another brick-in-the-head VIRUS.

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